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I am Tiffany S. Rasbury...

...the Lead MUA of UR Exquisite LLC, the founder and the SHEO of UR Exquisite Beautique. Growing up with a Grandmother that was the epitome of all things beauty, glamour has always been a LIFESTYLE. In 1999, my life took a drastic turn as I was stricken with ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) and had to immediately start Dialysis Treatments. Due to those health issues and treatments, not only were they extremely hard on the body, I began experiencing a complete change in the texture of my skin which ultimately began to change in appearance. On a mission that originally started in a quest to finding great skincare, Makeup became a major part of the process.

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An  Exquisite Journey


    With my Grandmother, my ultimate glamour girl by my side, I began trying several skincare products, but it was the addition of the Makeup that gave me the coverage I needed to be yet flawless. This led me to start not only using Makeup but also creating various looks, watching transformations take place with one stroke of a brush, and it stirred up a passion for the artistry.


    In 2017 UR Exquisite LLC was birthed. The same confidence, self-love, and fantastic feeling I felt after doing my makeup I wanted every woman to experience. As my artistry grew, I added the personal service of bringing a TOTAL GLAM EXPERIENCE to the client in the comforts of their homes or location. The goal with each experience is to ensure each client looks and feels like the King and Queen they are.


    I never imagined taking this path with my business, but it’s all been a part of God’s plan for my life. In 2020, even in the midst of a pandemic, UR Exquisite Beautique was birthed. The Cosmetics side of the Beautique will consist of quality and fabulous products inclusive of all ethnicities and backgrounds. We endeavor to get it right so everyone knows they were thought about in the process of producing incredible products. Just as my Grandmother, Mrs. Dorothy M. Upshaw-Glover, The MUSE BEHIND MY BRAND was, the Beautique will consist of all things BEAUTY.

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